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Mother the Mother 

Birth Services
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Meet the Birth Doula!


My name is Kinsey. I am a wife and mama to two little girls. I've been a certified doula for four years and have had the privilege to learn and grow my knowledge of birth work by working previously as a Midwives-Assistant at a local birth center. 

I have a burning passion for women to recognize their power and strength in birth and motherhood. After the birth of my oldest daughter, I
realized that far too many women, including myself, were going into their birthplace with no real knowledge of the natural autonomy of birth. It broke my heart to hear stories upon stories of birth trauma, breastfeeding troubles, and postpartum depression. Once my brain started turning and I learned what a doula was, my life has never been the same. 

After years of supporting women both inside and outside the traditional setting, I birthed my second daughter at home with a midwife and doula present. I was informed, educated, and empowered to birth how I wanted. I know firsthand how valuable birth support is. 

Whatever that looks like for my clients, at home, in a hospital, or in a birth center, my priority is that they feel confident and in control. There is power in knowledge, and I want women to become powerful in their journey through motherhood.

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Meet the Postpartum Doula!

My name is Emily, I am a wife and mother to 4 precious kids and have our 5th on the way!  

I  am a Registered Nurse with 8+ years experience working in the mental health field. I have a more holistic approach to life but can offer opinions, views and support on however YOU as the mother want to navigate post-partum.

I feel called to share my experiences as a mother with other mothers. My love of nutrition and kinesthetics help me appreciate what the human body is capable of doing with the right mindset and proper tools at hand. 

I am eager to help couples make informed decisions while maintaining control, peace and dignity after birth. Having breastfed all of my children, I can provide a wealth of knowledge to such a beautiful bonding experience. I enjoy reading and am always trying to expand my knowledge to better serve the families I work with. 

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