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The Confident Birth
Childbirth Education Course

The Confident Birth Childbirth Education Course is a 6-week program designed to help clients dispel the fear of childbirth, build birth confidence, and plan for and achieve the birth and postpartum experience they desire.


Weather permitting, the last class will be hosted on the beach. We want to celebrate each couple that goes through The Confident Birth course by having a mini celebration on the beach! We can take pictures and have refreshments together and just be a community to one another! 

Educational handouts include:

  • Labor Stages & Phases Handout

  • Breathing Techniques For Labor & Birth

  • Effective Labor Positions Handout

  • Early Labor Stages Handout

  • Pre-Term Labor Signs

  • Birth Partner Cheat Sheet

  • Labor Cheat Sheet

  • Informed Consent Handout

  • Pain Management Handout

  • Failure To Progress Handout

  • Cesarean Birth Overview Handout

  • Birth Preferences Plan

  • Cesarean Birth Preferences Plan

  • Postpartum Mood Screen

  • Postpartum Plan Sheet

  • All About Your Newborn Handout

  • Postpartum Recovery Handout

  • Postpartum Warning Signs Handout

  • Infant Feeding Reference Sheet

  • Breastfeeding Basics Handout

  • Newborn Hunger Cues 

  • Beginner Breastfeeding Positions Handout

  • When Baby Won't Stop Crying

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