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The WHY behind Mother the Mother Birth Services.

Updated: May 5, 2023

Who is my ideal client? I’ve sat on this question for awhile now. I am a lover of all things birth but I also love business! I come from a family of entrepreneurs and it was a dream of mine growing up to own a successful business like my parents. I just never knew what the business would be.

Flash forward to almost five years ago when I birthed my first daughter. My unmedicated birth plan was laughed at by my OB.

She told me at my 37 week appointment when we were discussing my unmedicated birth wishes,

You don't get a medal by going through the worst pain in your life. Get the epidural.

The doctors doubt in me bled into the birth room and I felt unsupported, uninformed, out-of-control, and honestly, scared. I had no clue what was happening to me.

After two days of labor and many interventions, I finally birthed my baby.

I had this beautiful healthy baby in my arms but internally I felt robbed of the birth experience I had envisioned. I knew birth was supposed to be more. There was supposed to be more than just having a healthy baby and mama. There are deep rooted emotions that will forever change a women, but unfortunately, this is completely overlooked.

Birth is a deep, intimate, healing, grounding, transformation that takes you from one stage of life into another.

I knew a little bit about doulas and after doing some more research, I knew this was the path I was supposed to be on. I took the online courses, became certified and it was game on.

I created Doula Drea Maternity and supported over 50 births as a doula and birth assistant.

Flash forward three years, everything changed...

I birthed my second daughter.

The birth of my dreams. I was faced with medical professionals at a hospital saying one thing but my intuition saying another. As someone who strongly believes in her intuition, I followed it and experienced an autonomous birth at home with a birth doula and midwife present. I was respected, listened to, empowered to listen to my body and birthed in safety and peace. It’s such an empowering feeling that is hard to explain.

But as life has it, so began the hardest year of my life following the birth. Grief surrounding a family member passing right before my due date, postpartum depression and anxiety, losing our dream of building a house on two acres we owned because of a record breaking flood, having to pivot our life’s plans because of circumstances beyond our control, the whole nine yards of just a shit year.

I had to work really hard to get out of that mindset and how I did that was through community. I found my people. People who truly knew me and accepted me. People who I could roast my kids to and they wouldn’t look at me with wide eye judgement. I needed MY people (ya’ll know who you are <3)

After healing from that year, I sat down and rethought the direction of my doula business. dove head first into business podcasts and courses and I kept hearing the same question being asked. “Who is your ideal client?”

I kept hearing this question but honestly, I kept ignoring it.

“My ideal client is anyone who wants a doula, I support all birth.”

And yes, I do support all birth, and I will take almost any client but what is my IDEAL client and how do I best support HER?

And then Mother the Mother Birth Services was born. Not a business built for birth, but a business built for mothers. A business model tailored for the moms who take things into their own hands, who don’t blindly trust “the system”, mothers who fight for what they want, the mothers who know their strength as women (or want to find it!), and the mothers that operate with intuition.

That is my ideal client. A powerful, empowered mama who listens to intuition and trusts autonomy OR a mama who wants to get there and is willing to put in the work to do so.

Does that mean all natural, home birth only? No! Trusting intuition can mean a bunch of things!

Maybe you’re the mama who knows her strength and power and fully trusts her baby and body but chooses a hospital birth, great!! Lets work together to learn the ins and outs of hospital policy and how we can strive to stay intervention free but pivot if need be. Lets learn how to say “no or not now” when being presented with something you’re not comfortable with. Lets create a plan that excites and empowers you!

Maybe you’re the mom who knows nothing about birth, never relied on intuition, never trusted yourself but longs to do so. It’s absolutely amazing that you’re here and wanting to change that, I’m proud of you for it! Sometimes going against the grain is hard (I get roasted by family and friends all the time for it) but when you find your community of people who operate the way you want to, it is so much easier to feel free to start putting it into practice.

Maybe your the mom who completely trusts their intuition, knows their strength and is incredibly empowered to birth but has no desire for a doula, that’s okay too! Weirdly enough, I don’t think everyone needs a doula, I think everyone could benefit from one, but I don’t think everyone needs one. If I’m going to preach and teach trusting your intuition, I also need to recognize that if intuition says “no doula” then hell, trust it!

Here at Mother the Mother Birth Services, we create a place for mamas to feel safe to trust their instinct and intuition in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Lets not blindly “trust the system” (probably my biggest pet peeve) but lets full heartedly trust our God given intuition and protect our birth right.

Don’t worry about the opinions of others, honestly, its more fun paving your own way. Trust your intuition and birth without fear. I used to hide parts of my life in fear that the “normal moms” would shun me but ya’ll the hardest year in my life taught me to let that shit roll off. If you’re anything like me, you will be judged by the “normal moms” but also, if you’re like me, DM me because I have the community for you.

Life is too short to do it alone or to do it with gross judgy people.

Hop over to this side of the fence because you belong here.


Kinsey Drea, Birth Doula

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