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We are on BeHerVillage!

Ya'll we have exciting news to share! We have partnered with BeHerVillage. BeHerVillage is a gift registry that helps parents get the funds they need for the support they deserve. Over $12,000,000,000 is spent each year on baby gifts in the US. While parents are being overloaded with expensive and largely

unnecessary baby gear, they are unable to afford the basic care they need. BeHerVillage helps parents access funds to pay for doulas, lactation support, maternity leave, pelvic floor care, midwifery care, and other types of support that is often not covered by insurance and out of reach for so many people.

You can now go on their website and create a registry and add our services for family and friends to donate to. You get 100% of the funds donated. This is such exciting news because we never want funds to come in the way of the support someone needs.

Every other registry is designed around the baby. Diapers, stroller, crib, clothes and of course those items are needed, but what is more important is investing in the birth experience, postpartum period, lactation support, pelvic floor therapy, sleep education, etc. Mama's needs matter. It's time to change the "all about baby" narrative and put focus on mama.

Thankful for a mama focused registry like BeHerVillage.

Making a registry? Scan the QR code below and add our birth and postpartum services to your list!

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