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Discover if Your Provider is the Best for Your Birth Plan: Get Your Free Guide to Finding the Right Provider from Mother the Mother Birth Services!

We all know the importance of a solid support system throughout life. The outside voices and opinions we allow to be spoken into our lives, has a huge impact on us. If we hangout with negative people, we tend to become negative. If we hangout with complainers, we tend to complain.


Throughout time, we've been taught 'you are who you hangout with' but this philosophy often gets lost when we look to authority or those who we believe is authority. 

We created a FREE GUIDE with 16 questions that will help you determine whether or not your provider is a good and supportive teammate.

You are in control of your birth. Make sure the outside influences are supporting your wishes!!

Childbirth education classes

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birth playlist

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Peaceful Praise: A Free Calming Christian Birth Playlist for Mother the Mother Birth Services

At Mother the Mother Birth Services, we understand the importance of a calming and peaceful environment during labor and delivery. Your body will have an easier time progressing if you feel safe and calm.

As Jesus lovers ourselves, we know the comfort worship music brings to our souls. We are offering our Christian birth playlist on Spotify to all of you for free! This playlist is filled with calming and uplifting music to help reduce stress and anxiety during the birthing process.

Our goal is for all women to have the most relaxed and beautiful birthing experience possible and we know this is a good place to start! 

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